What Are the Effects of Occipital Nerve Block

The primary purpose of the Occipital Nerve Block is it reduces the effects of inflammation of the body. It also lessens the tissue swelling that is surrounding the Occipital Nerves and a result the patient will feel less pain. Generally there are some minor side effects that you can feel if you undergo Occipital Nerve Block procedures. An individual may feel some headaches at the back section of the head and also Migraines can be felt. These are the responses of the physical body to Occipital Nerve

Block. The Occipital Nerve Block will only take about a couple of minutes. The Occipital Nerve Block will consist of anesthesia and steroid medication. The procedure for this is like a normal injection. A needle will be inserted in your skin and into the tissues. Occipital Nerve Block medication will then be excreted in your body. It is inserted at the back of the head. Right after the Occipital Nerve Block injection, you will feel that the pain that you are feeling are somewhat lessened. This is because of the anesthesia that is combined with the Occipital Nerve Block injection. The effect of this treatment is that you will feel soreness in the head for a couple of days depending on the ability of your body to recover.

On the following days you will notice a big difference in the pain that you are feeling. After the Occipital Nerve Block injection you must rest for several minutes. Do not engage in severe physical activities for the rest of the day like heavy lifting and other activities that can very strenuous. Just perform the activities that your body can tolerate. If there are no complications, you can go to work the following day. The Occipital Nerve Block steroid will work in about 3 – 5 days and the effects of this medication will last for about a few weeks to a several months. If the Occipital Nerve Block injection does not work then the medical practitioner can advise you to take another Occipital Nerve Block injection but it can be done after a couple of weeks from the prior treatment.

Occipital Nerve Block injection is not performed more than three times during a six month period. It may cause complications to your body system. The remedies that Occipital Nerve Block treatment cannot be determined, the patient must undergo the procedure first in order to know the effects of this procedure. There are no major side effects when undergoing Occipital Nerve Block injections. The only thing that a patient can feel is temporary pain, serious side effects seldom occurs.

A person who has any allergies from injected medication and those individuals who are under a medication with regards to blood thinning must not undergo Occipital Nerve Block injection treatments. Not to mention those who have heart diseases and those who have diabetic conditions must not take Occipital Nerve Block treatments. Occipital Nerve Block treatments can be performed in accredited medical clinics and clinics and most especially in registered medical hospitals.

What is Occipital Nerve Block

Basically Occipital Nerve Block is the numbing of the occipital nerve. Occipital Nerve Block is performed by injection shots that comprises of anesthetics that can have effects on the occipital nerves. The occipital nerves are found on the head beneath the scalp. Occipital Nerve Block is often used in diagnosing and treating the Occipital Neuralgia with regards to Cervicogenic headache. Occipital Nerve Block will lessen the pain that is brought about by Occipital Neuralgia that may lead to

trauma. Cervicogenic headache on the other hand is a more serious condition and has the tendency to be chronic. Occipital Nerve Block must be performed to lessen the effects and complications. Occipital Nerve Block is performed by inserting a small needle underneath the skin located in the scalp area in order for the anesthetic to go around the surrounding Ares where the nerves are located. Occipital Nerve Block will minimize the feeling of discomfort that a patient feels. The immediate effects of this kind of Occipital Nerve Block injection is that the individual will feel a sudden numbness and will immediately feel the reduction of pain.

This is because the aesthetics of the Occipital Nerve Block are fast acting. This injection can have a span of a week to a few months depending on your body’s adaptive ability to the medication. If there is no relief felt after the injection then consult your anaesthesiologist about it and most probably the medical specialist will advise you to take another Occipital Nerve Block shot in a couple of weeks. Occipital Nerve Block is generally considered as safe but there are some associated risk and minor side effects that may arise.

The very common effect of having Occipital Nerve Block shot is the individual will feel pain after the effects of the Occipital Nerve Block shot and anesthesia has worn off. The pain that the person will feel is only temporary. After which he or she will feel relief if his or her body is compatible with the Occipital Nerve Block injection treatment. Another occurrence that may happen is bleeding. This is because the scalp is abundant with small blood vessels and nerves that are near the skins surface bleeding may occur. But there is no need to worry and panic, it is perfectly normal. The bleeding due to Occipital Nerve Block shot is only temporary and it can be suppressed if ice is applied to the bleeding area. Cold compress is highly advised in this kind of condition.

Patients who are allergic to anesthesia must not undergo Occipital Nerve Block shots. Also people who have a condition of diabetes and heart problems, it can cause some complications that can lead to the malfunctioning of some body functions. Another thing is, pregnant women must not have Occipital Nerve Block treatments since it can have a bad reaction to your child. This is because the medication of Occipital Nerve Block is very strong and can cause problems to a woman’s delicate pregnancy.  The best individuals that can take Occipital Nerve Block shots are those individuals that have a one sided head pain which usually occurs at the hind part of the head.

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Third Occipital Nerve Block

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Third Occipital Nerve Block

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